I was told recently that I am not technically a Mac switcher. I am what is known as a dual-user. I don’t really like labels. I use a decent Gateway laptop and I am typing this post on my Dell. I also own, use and love my Mac Mini. I recently sold a computer and along with it went my other flat panel monitor and infared moouse. This created a problem. How was I to use the Dell with no mouse or monitor. The solution for me is the IOGEAR 2port USB KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch with audio support (model #GCS632U). So far so good, all functions seem to be working, and using this Apple keyboard has not presented any problems as of yet. I am still able to use windows shortcut keys for things like paste etc. The only problem I have with this model is that while there is audio support, it is only for the computer you are currently working on. I can’t leave iTunes playing on the Mac and switch to the PC and hear the music and vice versa. This is of no great importance though so I am pleased to have much less equipment on my desk and the ability to switch back and forth from PC to Mac with a simple hotkey combination. Who could ask for more. (Well I would like to have gotten a DVI model because the Dell and the Mac both have DVI video outs and the monitor has a DVI in, but they are very expensive. One was as much as paid for the Mac mini and larger than the actual computer).

Still a happy Mac convert here…

I am not alone in my love for the cure for the common computer. Daphne Kalfon has written a song aptly titled “I Love My Mac.” Click on the song title to go to her website. Here are the lyrics. whenever I want, to plug in a peripheral.nit recognizes it right away.nI don’t have to sweat, and pray for a small miracle. it’s just great for me. I’m as happy as can be.nand I have better productivity I love my Mac.ncuz its so dependable, so sensible so beautiful.noh it’s the only one for me.nrepeat there’s never a need, to think about security, trojan horses and viruses.nthey don’t stand a chance, they are such a rarity.nit’s just working fine. I have such peace of mind.nand there’s a bond of a special kind I love my Mac.ncuz it’s so dependable, so sensible so beautiful.noh it’s the only one for me. any software I use, is always so reliable.nand I can find almost anything. chat groups message boards and newsgroups are commendable.nit’s all there for me.none big family.nof Mac enthusiasts from sea to sea I love my Mac.ncuz it’s so dependable, so sensible so beautiful.noh it’s the only one for me.nrepeat iPods, Macdraw, Appletalk, Powerbooks.niTunes, Quicktime, Final Cut, Appleworks.niMacs, Panther, Firewire, USB iMovie iChat and iDvd.nbut the greatest one for me.nit’s been the answer to my dreams.nit’s the best app in the land.nthe funnest program ever known to man.nwhy, Garage Band I love my Mac.ncuz it’s so dependable, so sensible, so beautiful.noh it’s the only one for me.

At what point to war supporters have blood on their hands?

I read a typical right wing blog post, claiming to debunk some nasty weak kneed liberal. The thing is the only method employed to “debunk” the Starbucks drinking, namby pamby, blinkered, milktoast, was to use already discredited “facts.” I tried to set him straight, but what they need is a visit from the reality based community. You know who you are.

Back to work

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays… now it is back to the Ad Hominem, the mud slinging and the healthy discourse. I expect you to comment if you are reading my blog. This means you. I’m kidding, but seriously…

The definitive word on Bill O’Reilly

I just read a great article on Raw Story that featured a rather exhaustive study on the behavior of Fox News’s highest rated personality. Topics… 1. His lying for no damned reason. Turning the phrase “Merry Christmas” into a spiteful phrase that people say as some kind of defiant statement rather than what it used to be, a well meaning wish for a good holiday (no, liberals don’t hate christmas, we just “don’t believe that Jesus is magic” -Sarah Silverman). The intelligence of his audience compared to that of the Daily Show.

I now agree with soon to be Ex-Senator Rick Santorum on something, and it scares me

In a stunning reversal of his previously expressed views on “Intelligent” Design, Sen. Rick Santorum has now stated on the record that he is against the teaching of ID in science classrooms. Here is what he wrote in a March 14, 2002 Washington Times column: This opposition to intelligent design is surprising since there is an increasing body of theoretical and scientific evidence that suggests an alternate theory is possible. Research has shown that the odds that even one small protein molecule has been created by chance is 1 in a billion. Thus, some larger force or intelligence, or what some call agent causation, seems like a viable cause for creating information systems such as the coding of DNA. A number of scientists contend that alternate theories regarding the origins of the human species including that of a greater intelligence are possible.Therefore, intelligent design is a legitimate scientific theory that should be taught in science classes. In a dramatic reversal, Santorum has shifted to the same position I have on ID, and believe me, it is scary for me to say that I agree with Rick Santorum on anything. In a recent edition of the Beaver County Times he is quoted as having said he doesn’t believe that intelligent design belongs in the science classroom. Does anyone else remember the 2004 Republican National Convention when you had grown people, even old people childishly taunting John Kerry with the words “Flip Flopper” in the way that little girls will heckle “na na na na boo boo” to the other girl they don’t like who just fell off her bike? This party has hypocracy flowing out of its collective mouth like the proverbial milk and honey.

Jeff Gannon / James Guckert’s dog dies

Washington DC- According to his website, Jeff Gannon / James Guckert [The self-proclaimed “Voice of the New Media”], has reported that his dog companion Winston has passed. You may remember Gannon/Guckert from the controversy he created by having access to White House press briefings in which he was allowed to ask softball questions of the president and others, with no press credentials. He was as qualified as this blogger to ask questions of the president. Only this blogger has never been a prostitute who’s main clientele apparently were gay members of the military. Things are just not that desperate at the can of worms blog, yet. The can of worms blog extends it’s deepest condolences to Gannon/Guckert in what must be the loss of his only friend and supporter. I know it happened back in November, but damnit, it is Christmas Eve, and a slow news day. Since what he calls “Gannongate” took place not even his former lover Scott McLellan will take his calls.

Another Battle in the War on Christmas

I jokingly wished a Christian friend “Happy Kwanza.” Her reply was “Go fuck yourself!” After the dust settled, I asked her what the deal was and she said, “I am not a fucking nigger.” Then she proceeded to tell me that America is a Christian nation, without any sense of irony. I know exactly where she gets this aggressiveness. I recently was (barely) able to stomach the first eight pages of mAnn Coulter’s How to Talk to a Liberal (If you must.) Comparitively, I also recently started reading Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. While he is a far worse human being than Coulter (but only because she didn’t kill six million Jews), Coulter’s book was much more vitreolic, but interestingly what they do hold in common is an irrational hatred for a segment of the population, of course the Jews for Hitler and the Liberals for Coulter. I do recall that Hitler hated liberals as well, but I am not that far into the book. Ok, only the first part of the post had something to do with Christmas, but I thought it was important to give some perspective, and some examples of other people who had irrational hatred for people that thought (or think) differently than them.