Another Conservative gets in trouble with the law

Does anyone notice a pattern with this yet? I may be drunk on Kool Aid and stuck on stupid or whatever pointless expressions you can say to me, but politicians and lobbyists seem to be in the headlines a lot for getting in trouble with the law. So far, most of them are conservatives. There’s some high moral values for all of us. Read this article about lobbyist Michael Scanlon, the partner of Jack Abramoff, being charged with defrauding Indian tribes. The article tells about “lobbyist A” and “Representative No. 1″ What do you think the over/under is that lobbyist A is Abramoff and Representative No. 1 is Tom Delay?

Another blow to Wal Mart

Wal Mart is in the news again for getting in trouble having illegal immigrants working for the company in some capacity. Wal Mart states that they were highered by a subcontractor who signed a contract stating they would follow all applicable laws. If you believe that Wal Mart did not know that this was happening at the construction site of a one-million square foot distribution center, then I suggest you snap out of dream world.

Let’s cut school lunches!!

So we’re facing a budget crunch right now. We’ve had to send billions to the Gulf coast area to help clean up and rebuild after the various hurricanes that have hit the region. The president cut taxes in a time of war for the first time in history. Billions of dollars are unaccountable by the various Halliburton type companies in Iraq. What’s the solution? Keep food from kids. Way to go, republicans. Way to go.

Finally, that liberal media I can’t get anywhere else…

Sure, it is a British Paper, but this article and others shows a changing tide in the press. It might not appear that way at first. Mr Bush is unlikely to have to join Richard Nixon, the only president in US history forced to resign from office. But the issues raised by “Plamegate” – the leaking of the identity of Valerie Plame, an undercover CIA agent – are far more significant than those involved in the “second-rate burglary” of the Democratic National Committee’s offices in Washington’s Watergate complex in the 1970s. They go to the heart of why America, and its faithful ally, Britain, went to war in Iraq.

Random Conservative Comment on the Miers issue

Here are the [unedited] comments of Beth from The Presidential Prayer Team. It’s Recess-time somewhere for turning me on to this site.) My comments in bold..n.nI asm sorry about Ms. Miers backing out I thought she would do good if they would have given her a chance. Some are just narrow minded. [she is saying that people who supported miers are narrow minded, is she fucking serious?]The president and family are always in my prayers hehas had a rough 2 terms [what exactly has been rough, he has enjoyed much undeserved political success] but I feel he is doing a good job.[Ha!]All our leaders needs prayers our state leaders also. May God Bless our leaders and there families in all they do and in the decissions they have to make..n–Beth.nAlways Mrs. Kjelstrom.n.nThey pray to “god” for everything but some fucking common sense.

And the next reason why abortion should remain legal…

A recent study debunks a point that I heard during my upbringing in the church, that abortion causes depression. You know what would depress me, if I had been in that situation and it was with a girl who was so against abortion that she couldn’t see how having a child would ruin her (and my) life. If you do it early enough and think of it scientifically, you are simply aborting a blog of cells.

Restaurant Recommendations

Now that I am on TampaBlab I would like to see if I could get some people to recommend their favorite Tampa area restaurants. Just leave a comment with your favorite place and where it is and such and why you like it. I am really tired of the chains and it is always better to find out what is good from the locals. I will start off by recommending Cafe DuFrain on Harbour Island. I recommend the Ahi Tuna on their dinner menu. It is right on the water and suprisingly reasonable for the quality of food. Two can eat for around $40.

Judith Speaks

Judith Miller has agreed to testify now, after being in jail for a few months. Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff Scooter Libby who is the source just decided that it was OK for her to testify? If I were her I would be pissed. Why would he let her sit in jail? It certainly doesn’t look good for Scooter..n.nAnyhow, I wonder if Bush will make good on his promise to fire Karl Rove for his role in the leak of a covert agent’s name. Don’t worry I am not holding my breath.

It’s happening

Maybe I am overly optomistic here…but I think the fact that Bill Frist is being investigated by the SEC and the fact that Tom DeLay has been indicted means that our country may still be under the rule of law..n.nRepublicans base their whole existence on being the “Moral” party, but there is so much evidence to the contrary. When you think about it though, why would anyone have to call so much attention to how “moral” they are unless they are doing immoral things (violating the law, invading countries and lying about why, pretending to care about a brain-dead woman in Florida only to motivate thier pro-life base). If they were in fact “moral” they wouldn’t need to make a big deal about it, they would just go about their business and we would trust their ethical decisions, no matter where we are politically..n.nFor those of you who think that this is just an attempt to grab power and make Republicans look bad, please think again, Democrats don’t need to make Republicans look bad, they do it to themselves. This is the exersize of justice. If both Frist and DeLay are found not guilty, by all means, they should return to their crooked ways at the Capital.

Yellow Ribbon – Utah Phillips

I’ve traveled through this country And I’ll tell you what I’ve seen A million yellow ribbons. And I wonder what they mean. It’s love and hope and sympathy. For those who’ve gone to fight. But still I know that none of them Can make the killing right. When we see two children fighting. Don’t we try to come between. Get ‘em both to talk. Instead of acting rough and mean. We give ‘em love and limits. Say now try to get along. Then we tell ‘em it’s alright to kill. To prove that killing’s wrong Sometimes your yellow ribbon. Tries to make me feel ashamed. Tells me I’m a traitor. That somehow it’s me to blame. But I can’t hide behind it. Just to prove that I belong. And I won’t be an accomplice. To a thing I know is wrong. But I’d wear a yellow ribbon. For the peace that’s in my heart I’d wear it for the loved ones. That should never have to part. I’d wear it for the wasted lives. No matter friend or foe. And I’d wear it for the children If they never had to go. Yes, I’ve seen your yellow ribbons. Hanging up all over town. But I don’t think they’ll ever buy. The peace we’ve never found Oh, the guns will all be silent. And the battle flags all furled. When we tie a yellow ribbon’Round the world. Yes, the guns will all be silent And the battle flags all furled. When we tie a yellow ribbon’Round the world