Blast from the past

While we are on the subject of this bullshit war, I thought I would post a link to the article from the Boston Globe that was written about me when I was in Iraq. It may seem strange that I would all the sudden be preocuppied with my short stint in the army and my meager contribution to the “war effort” but I am getting a little tired of having almost nothing reported from Iraq. Have you noticed how much the war reporting has dropped off? Could it be that maybe Iraq isn’t the Utopian land of milk and honey that the Bush Administration makes it out to be. It is likely that the reporters are too afraid to venture out of the fortified Green Zone. Or maybe there is nothing to report. News is supposed to be new and there is no fresh story, just more dying. What is new about that. Who cares…I do.

The I hate republicans post of the day

“Blair suggested if photos of the Sept. 11 terrorists had been posted at airports, they would have never boarded the planes used in the attack.” From Photos Of Sexual Predators To Be Posted In County Parks This may be the most ridiculous invocation of 9/11 yet. Hillsborough County (where I live) Commissioner Brian Blair wants to post pictures of sexual predators at county parks. Not a bad idea really. But then he said what is posted above and he lost me. What Brian “I am not smart enough to make an argument based on its own merits so I will invoke 9/11 because I am a Republican” Blair fails to realize is that the 9/11 hijackers were in this country legally on 9/11/2001. So if their pictures had been posted it would have just been wierd. What if you walked into Target or McDonald’s and your picture was posted for no apparent reason? My point is that if you can’t make an argument based on its merits, maybe you should let one of the smarter commissioners handle this one Brian. Have I mentioned that I hate Republicans?

Still miffed

Just as a continuation from last night’s post. I was shaving this morning thinking how stupid people who support this war really are. Well, some are stupid, some are actually quite calculating, but I want to concentrate on the stupid. These people don’t even know who their enemies are. We are attacked by Saudi Arabians (18 of the 21 hijackers were from there) and attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghanistan made a little bit of sense in the beginning because that was where Osama was. But did we need a whole war? Could we have not gone in as a police action? Did we have to take over the entire country? That logic would be like a store saying that if you break one dish you have to buy the entire store. Since we let Osama go, Bush and his goons had to have something to distract the sheep so they attack Iraq, while clearly implying that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. And most of you bought into it. Just so you know, if you supported this war based only on what you heard from Bush and his freaks without questioning it…you have blood on your hands. Especially if you voted for Bush in 2004. It has taken over two years for you people to shift public opinion to something that makes sense. Lets just say if I were a teenager, and most Americans were my parents, I would have them drop me off several blocks before the movies.

Good movie

I don’t normally like comic books converted to movies but I must say, I spent a couple hours watching Sin City today and I enjoyed it a lot. I would recommend it.\r\n\r\nAlso, I rented the war doc “Gunner Palace” last night and low and behold I see a good friend of mine from when I was in the army being interviewed for it. His name is Spencer Batchelder and I wish I had his dang email address.


I have been doing a lot of reading on milblogs, which are blogs by members of the military, usually serving in Iraq. I am amazed at the amount of vitriolic hated for liberals that those who post to these blogs have. Don’t these people understand that liberals want this illigal war to end? We support the troops so much that we don’t want them to die. Geez.I am on the left side.