I was told recently that I am not technically a Mac switcher. I am what is known as a dual-user. I don’t really like labels. I use a decent Gateway laptop and I am typing this post on my Dell. I also own, use and love my Mac Mini. I recently sold a computer and along with it went my other flat panel monitor and infared moouse. This created a problem. How was I to use the Dell with no mouse or monitor. The solution for me is the IOGEAR 2port USB KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch with audio support (model #GCS632U). So far so good, all functions seem to be working, and using this Apple keyboard has not presented any problems as of yet. I am still able to use windows shortcut keys for things like paste etc. The only problem I have with this model is that while there is audio support, it is only for the computer you are currently working on. I can’t leave iTunes playing on the Mac and switch to the PC and hear the music and vice versa. This is of no great importance though so I am pleased to have much less equipment on my desk and the ability to switch back and forth from PC to Mac with a simple hotkey combination. Who could ask for more. (Well I would like to have gotten a DVI model because the Dell and the Mac both have DVI video outs and the monitor has a DVI in, but they are very expensive. One was as much as paid for the Mac mini and larger than the actual computer).