Jeff Gannon / James Guckert’s dog dies

Washington DC- According to his website, Jeff Gannon / James Guckert [The self-proclaimed “Voice of the New Media”], has reported that his dog companion Winston has passed. You may remember Gannon/Guckert from the controversy he created by having access to White House press briefings in which he was allowed to ask softball questions of the president and others, with no press credentials. He was as qualified as this blogger to ask questions of the president. Only this blogger has never been a prostitute who’s main clientele apparently were gay members of the military. Things are just not that desperate at the can of worms blog, yet. The can of worms blog extends it’s deepest condolences to Gannon/Guckert in what must be the loss of his only friend and supporter. I know it happened back in November, but damnit, it is Christmas Eve, and a slow news day. Since what he calls “Gannongate” took place not even his former lover Scott McLellan will take his calls.