My day today

For my conservative friends who group me into their own warped view of an American-hating, pro-terrorist, and apologist liberal, I will tell you of my day today. I went in to work at my National Guard unit to drive around the surrounding towns delivering christmas presents to over 30 families of soldiers that are deployed in Iraq. I’m not religious, and I don’t agree with the war, but I can put that aside and do something good for the holiday season. When I got home, I put up my Darfur awareness lawn sign for all to see. Looks like I can do more than just rant and complain.

Christian Nudist Camp to Open Near Tampa; Praise Jesus!

Those of you in the Tampa Bay area will be pleased to know that we will soon be the home to America’s first Christian nudist camp, called Natura. I wish them luck, I really do. The problem is that I attended church when I was younger, and many churchgoers are not really the type of people you would want to see naked. I do offer a promise, when Natura opens, I think I would be willing to make the drive and attend “clothing-optional” services… just once though.

Update: Stephen Gorham visits Drinking Liberally Brandon

Stephen Gorham, candidate for FL state senate district 10 (click to see if you live in district 10) visited the Brandon chapter of Drinking liberally. I felt it was a productive meeting. Over pizza and beer (what is more American than that) Gorham decribed his vision for Florida and district 10 (a better mass transit system, real solutions for lowering class sizes and what to do with sexual predators). It was nice to hear a candidate speak with genuine interest in these issues and other and not invoke 9/11 a single time. He certainly could have, after just a couple weeks after 9/11 this candidate volunteered to be deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom. In these days of the politicians such as Ohio’s Jean Schmidt engaged in perpetual foot-in-mouth shenanigans, it was nice to meet a candidate that you would actually want to drink a beer with.

Brandon Wal-Mart Manager fired

Wal-Mart, in an attempt to distract people from its systemic problems of overt racial profiling, has fired the store manager of the Causeway store. Way to pick a scapegoat. Everyone knows that the problems that Wal-Mart has are on the national level and are the result of a no holds barred effort to lower costs, no matter what the consequence. When it is made clear to management that their only purpose is to keep costs low, things like this will happen. I actually think it is kind of sad that a man who has probably worked for Wal-Mart for most of his working life would be thrown away because Wal-Mart wants to make a statement.

Another Reason to Avoid Wal-Mart

Besides being the epitomy of the problems that Wal-Mart has, long lines (24-7) being an extremely loud, unpleasant place to shop, and a generally cluttered, disorganized goulash of retail excess, the Wal-Mart on Causeway Blvd in Brandon allegedly uses racial profiling to determine who they will accept large checks from. I worked at Publix when I was younger, verifying whether or not a check is good is as simple as calling the bank, entering the account number from the check and entering the amount of the check. Period. Also check out

Why did Bush speak on war in the morning?

I may be over-analyzing but why would Bush speak in the morning on this issue. Was it because he wants people who work for a living and could not watch the speech to hear only sound-bites and none of the twisted backward logic that is inherent in his Iraq policy. The idea that we should continue to use a failed plan because people died because of that poor planning is stupid. The war was wrong to start, it is wrong to continue. We owe the families of those who have died nothing but our condolences, compassion and respect. It is a horrible thing to have to give a loved one for any war, a legal one or otherwise. Their loved one’s service was honorable, but the war is bigger than any one person. We do not owe them a continued failure in Iraq and we certainly do not need to add to the body count because it would make them feel like their loved one was killed in vain. We need to pull out of Iraq and the quickest possible opportunity.

And another thing on Bush’s speech from this morning…

Why doesn’t he try giving that same speech in front of a randomly selected group of average Americans instead of a captive military audience? I doubt the applause would be so forthcoming. With a tanking approval rating based mostly on the missionless, pointless war in Iraq, his monotonous “Stay the Course” line is not sticking.

What a great quote

Former Sec. of State Colin Powell’s ex cheif of staff had a wonderful quote in an interview about how Pres. Bush was “aloof” during post-war planning. Wilkerson blamed Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and like-minded aides. Wilkerson said that Cheney must have sincerely believed that Iraq could be a spawning ground for new terror.nassaults, because “otherwise I have to declare him a moron, an idiot or a.nnefarious bastard.” Kind of reminds you about the P.R. showing that aircraft carrier landing had. They knew that it wouldn’t be a walk in the park, but repeatedly said things were going to be fine. Remember kids, if you say something enough, it becomes truth.

To Bob: I am sorry

Bob, I am sorry I told you to go fuck yourself. I was upset because you kept repeating yourself and not saying anything new. Mike is right, I should let you comment to your hearts content and we can continue to show the inadequacies of your beliefs through reasoned debate and through the strength of our ideas. While I am sorry for telling to you fuck yourself, I stand by my belief that you are simply an angry white male who blames everyone else for his and America’s problems yet screams about personal responsibility, but that isn’t personal, that is modern conservativism in a nutshell. I hope we can continue to hate each other’s ideology, but not each other… -Ben