Seminole Heights: Cable TV Franchise

Seminole Heights: Cable TV Franchise I can’t say that I agree with your assessment of the issue. I am a Bright House Networks employee. The way that the issue was described to me is that BHN is not trying to kill any existing PEG channel. In fact they are offering to keep these existing channels and add an on demand channel. This is more than local government even deserves considering that polls I have seen show that 80 percent of cable subscribers don’t even know what channel their PEG channels are on and wouldn’t care if they were gone tommorow. What someone who is outside of the industry would not know is how limited bandwidth is for cable providers. The current three channels is worth millions more than it currently produces yet BHN is not trying to remove them. Additionally, with the assumption that an On Demand format would marginalize content, I disagree. On demand would allow viewers to choose what particular program, meeting, etc that they would like to watch and they can watch it at their leasure with no need to tune into live meetings. The main issue is not only would this cost cable customers more whether they use the PEG channels or not, but it would require getting rid of channels that actually do have viewers. Hillsborough County, and City of Tampa cable customers are simply not willing to allow their bills to go higher. The same basic cable service in Pinellas County is roughly $10 less per month simply because of a better franchise agreement. Don’t get me wrong, I recognize the value of having access to local government, but not at the expense of people who are not even going to utilize these services. BHN has made a very generous offer with the On Demand channel and the county would be wise to accept this innovative format and recognize it for what it is, the future.