Senator Mel Martinez changes mind on Schiavo

Tampabay: Senator changes mind on Schiavo No kidding Mel. Even though it isn’t your election year, many other facists are up for election/re-election and now you have to back peddle. I get it. My question is, was it a change in heart, maybe a realization that thousands of Americans each day decide that they don’t want to see their loved ones kept artificially alive? Or was it those incredible poll numbers that showed more agreement by Americans than on any other issue that the government has no authority to intervene in personal medical decisions. I have a hunch that in this election year, you and many other members of the flying monkey right will attempt to appear more centrist. And you even blame a staff member…just like Clear Channel fired Bubba the Love Sponge for being “dirty” even though that is what made them so much money over the years. Here is an idea Mel, maybe the government should stay out of all personal medical decisions, i.e. abortion, right to die, etc. This way you don’t have to run around with egg on your face. As a former Betty Castor campaign staff member, I can say with certainty that Floridians would have recieved a better deal with Betty, too bad you’re not up for re-election.