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Southpinellas: Dead soldier posts farewell note on MySpace

MySpace is a great way to find people you went to school with etc.


It is also a very efficient way to leave a suicide note.


Dylan’s Last words were:


Jesus, I don’t know if any of you have heard what has happened to me yet, but I just want to remind you not to be sad. Laugh, that’s what lifes about. When it is all said and done, and all the bull shit is cleared away, it is the ones you love who you will remember. There is nothing that poisons life more than arguing about religion, politics, gay straight, white black. Oh, and if you fall in love, hold on to it no matter what it takesnot everyone is so lucky, ya know? This song on my myspace says it all, dry your eyes. My dads number is . If some one could get that to christina, that would be awesome. Dad, or mom, contact Elliot Hunt at . I left him a safe. The combo is dads address followed by *. Love everyone. Peace out, and film for life.

His Mom posted a note on Dylan’s MySpace page, here it is:

THIS IS DYLAN’S MOM I cannot let my sons death go without question. The military wants it to be forgotten…… Dylan was making plans for the future something a person considering suicide does not do. There is more to this………….We as a people cannot let this happen, there has to be other soldiers who feel the same as Dylan. Dylan made his choice, he also wanted his treatment to be known. if we can save one other soldier then Dylan’s death will not be in vain. If anyone knows anything about Dylan’s treatment or other ill treated soldiers within his command. Please let me know through I Love you Dylan for your courage, Mom………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………How am I in Dylans My Space? My son gave me his password a year ago when he went to basic training because he would be out of pocket for so long. He trusted me, I want to assure all of you that any correspondence I receive will be totally confidential. This I swear in my sons honor.

he made about a boring weekend at Fort Gordon with a message telling young people go to go college and “not make the same mistake I did.”
His mother is no doubt grieving and distraught. The fact is every nine hours a soldier dies of non-combat causes. Some are vehicle accident’s etc. Many, however, are suicides. I suppose the reason why I am so interested in this is because Fort Gordon is the place where Mike, the other contributor to this website met. So I have a connection and I identify with Dylan. I remember days when I was in the Army where I felt as though my life was totally out of my hands and that I had made an incredible mistake by joining. My despair never came to the point where I seriously thought about taking my life, 4 years is a long time but not that long.

Based on what his mother said it appeared as though she believes there was some mistreatment by his command.
If you combine the angst that many people who are Dylan’s age with the stress and pressures of the Army life there are certain to be those who are unable to deal with it. That is what happened here.

While tragic, this suicide is the rule not the exception.

You can scroll the comments on his page and it is as if his friends are speaking to him at his headstone in the cemetary. Words that are usually spoken in private while friends and family grieve are available, in black and white for all the world to see.


MySpace is built on the premise of social networking, and suicide is the result of an inablity to adapt socially (among other things), to leave your last words on MySpace and then kill yourself is sadly ironic. Hopefully it won’t move from being simply ironic to cliche`.